Best Call Recorder for Android 2018

One of the most underrated features of a smartphone is the call recorder inside it. People usually don’t pay much heed to this feature, but then there is a population that has to record calls for personal or professional purposes. Now the one major drawback of some of the Android phones is that they don’t come with an option of call recording and that can be an issue for a lot of people. Now, call recording can be essential for various purposes, you might have to record a conversation that you can refer to later, or you might have to keep records for personal uses. So, yes you might not feel the need of a recorder at the moment but there surely will come a time when you would want to record a call, and that’s when you’ll know that yes, you need the best call recorder for Android.

Now, we are pretty sure that just like all the other people, you would also go to the play store and look for the best call recorder application. Well, bad luck because there are a lot of hoax apps on the play store and this isn’t something new for Android users. There are so many fake and malicious application and software waiting online to be downloaded by you but again, do not fall for the wrong app. Today, we are here with a compilation of some of the best call recorders for Android. The best part about the names that we are about to reveal is that these applications are free of cost and they are just a download away from being used.

So, people, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can help you find the perfect, real call recorder that you need.

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1-Automatic Call Recorder – Best Call Recorder for Android

automatic call recorder android

On number 1 we have the Automatic Call Recorder for you that comes with a 4.3 user rating. The best part about this application is that it works flawlessly on almost all the devices and you won’t be disappointed by the features with which it comes. Moreover, with this app, you can record as many calls as you want to and it comes with three different recording options for you. Like, you can record all calls that you attend, or you can record the calls that come from the saved contacts of your phone, or you can record the calls for the numbers that aren’t saved on your phone. Also, you might be thinking about the phone storage and all that, but another amazing thing is that this application is connected with Google drive, so there isn’t any link of the number of recorded calls with the storage of your smartphone. The are two versions of this app; one is for free which has ads in it, and the one that is paid comes with no advertisements or other distractions.

Anruf Aufzeichnen
Anruf Aufzeichnen
Developer: Appliqato
Price: Free

2-Cube Call Recorder ACR

cube call recorder acr android

On number 2, we have the Cube Call Recorder ACR that is one fantastic call recording app. Also, this one is an exceptional application because it lets you record all the calls, even the ones that are made through VoIP operations such as Skype calls, Whatsapp calls, Viber calls, etc. So, yes you can say that this is a better call recording application and the best thing is that this app is free, like there is no other paid version of it and you can easily download it from the play store. The user rating of this application is 4.6 which is a clear indication that yes, people love how this app works.

Cube Call Recorder ACR
Cube Call Recorder ACR

3-Call Recorder-ACR

call recorder acr

The Call Recorder ACR is another amazing application that works with almost all the devices, and it is free. Just like the above mentioned two call recorder applications, this one also allows you to track and record all the incoming and outgoing calls without having you to do anything. This application supports Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP and other primary cloud storages so yes, you again don’t have to worry about the storage capacity of your phone. The user rating of this application is 4.4 which is excellent, and there is two version of this app available online, one is for free which has advertisements popping up now and then and the second version is the paid pro version of the app that is entirely ad-free.

Anrufaufzeichnung - ACR
Anrufaufzeichnung - ACR
Developer: NLL
Price: Free+

4-RMC: Android Call Recorder

rmc android call recorder

On number 4 we have the all-new and ready RMC: Android Call Recorder that is amazing in all perspectives. This application is also available online for free, and the user rating of this app is 4.1, and the best thing about this application is that it lets you record calls in a lot of different formats like Mp3, Mp4, and AMR, etc. Moreover, this application comes with a built-in trash folder that removes the fear of your calls being deleted. Like if you mistakenly delete a recorded call, you can then go back to the trash bin and restore the call on your phone. This app also supports cloud systems so yes, you don’t have to worry about the phone storage and all.

RMC: Android Call Recorder
RMC: Android Call Recorder

5-Call Recorder By Lovekara

call recorder lovepara android

Lastly, we have the Call Recorder By Lovekara which is also a wonderful call recording application that comes with a user rating of 4.4. This app lets you record all the calls in Mp3 format, and you don’t even have to do anything for that. It’s just when a call will come on your phone; this app will automatically start the recording after the call ends, it’s all on you whether you want to save it in the phone or not.

Developer: lovekara
Price: Free

These are the top 5 best call recorder applications for Android 2018. Try any one of the applications mentioned above, and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


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