4 Best Garage Sale Apps For Android and iOS/iPhone 2019


If you want to buy new things now and then, Or you are bored of your furniture and curtains and are looking for something new than the best option to buy all the things is none other than a garage sale. The best thing about garage sale is that you can avoid the fuss of bargaining and discussion with the shopkeeper to make things more affordable for you. The items are already present at quite a reasonable rate that you can buy them easily. If you are worried that where could you find the best garage sales than don’t worry. In this article I am going to write about four best garage sale Apps For Android and iOS.

A garage sale is one of the best places to get different items at a discounted price. You can use different keywords to search for the products of your own choice. The best deals on second-hand items can blow you away because all the items are neat and clean, and you can use them without any hesitation. The garage sale Apps also have a facility of chat box so you can discuss the items and their prices. Let’s have a look on best Garage Sale Apps now.

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Top 5 Best Garage Sale Apps For Android and iOS

Now you can find the best options for a Garage sale near you using the fantastic garage sale apps. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


Lista is an online garage sale application that helps you to sell the old items that are not in your use anymore, and in return, Lista helps you to find out the items that you needed the most. Selling more items will help you get some reward points, and these points are for free shopping. The more the points, the more you can buy free items from Lista. Just take a picture of items you want to sale and then upload them on Lista. Add some details regarding the items and just post it on the Lista feed. Lista has one of the best geolocation features. It tells you that what items people are selling near you and who are interested buyers living somewhere close to your location. This free App is available for both Android as well as iPhone. Android users what are you waiting for now, download this App with amazing interface now and avail its benefits.

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Glickin Garage Sale

Glickin garage sale app is on number second in the list of best garage sale apps for Android. Glickin is available for both Android and iPhone. It has a simple and easy to use interface with three sections – ‘Find sales,’ ‘Post sales,’ and ‘Quick sales’. Like Lista, Glickin also has the feature that searches your location and filters out the products for sale near your area. This app can be easily downloaded and used by simply launching the app. If you want to sell any of your old used product. Don’t worry just a few simple steps and your product is sold. Take a picture of an item and upload it with little description. You will also see the time and date option. Just post the picture or video on Glickin and wait for the response. Your product will get appeared in the feed of people living somewhere near your location. See how easy and simple it is. Download Glickin Garage sale App on your smartphone now and enjoy shopping now.

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5 Miles

5 Miles is on number 3, as it is one of the most popular online garage sale apps. It has a simple interface as well as some nice features that let you sale and buy the used items. You can sell the items that are not for use anymore like any old furniture that need to be replaced or some books that you have read. It is one of the best app that helps you to find the client near your location. Simple upload the picture with description. It will track your location and the people nearby will see your products.
5miles require your personal information before it is been launched in your smartphone. You can just sign in with either your Facebook or Google account so it becomes a safe platform for buying and selling. Download this amazing app on your smartphone now and enjoy its amazing features.

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Last but of course not the least, the last in the competition of Top 4 Best Garage sale App for Android and iOS is Letgo. Letgo is another famous online garage sale app that has the same function of buying and selling used products locally. It helps you to sell your used items as quickly as possible and find out the items that you needed locally. The products can be searched easily using categories like books, laptops, furniture’s, clothes, shoes or any other thing that you are searching for. Once you find your desired item just add it to the cart and later on buy it. Similar posting any item is as simple as buying. Just post a picture of the product with a little description and you are done. Letgo will through your post into the related category so the nearby people will easily find them. What are you waiting for now? If you are in search of some products at discounted prices just go and download this App. Letgo is available for both Android and iPhone. Download it in your smartphones now and make shopping way easier.

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All the above-mentioned garage sale apps are free and easy to use. Just download them into your smartphone and start using them. Pick the app that suits best to your requirements and start buying and selling the used products locally without any irritating bargaining discussions.
That’s all. Hope the above information is useful for you. Share it with your friends as well.


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