6 Best Lie Detector Test Apps for Android and iOS 2019


In this modern age, where the loyalty of every person is questionable how difficult it is to figure out the contrast between truth and a lie. One wise person once said the technology innovation is making people less emotional and loyal towards each other. And now I felt that. People can speak a lie to every possible extent if it is beneficial for them. In this article, we are going to list down some of the top lie detector test apps. These apps can be used on your Android as well as iOS devices. All of these apps are easy to install and can be easily handled.

Tough these apps can’t be used in any institution like Court or Police station, but they are only for fun. Simply download the lie detector app in your smartphone, and you are all set to make people fool. These tested Lie detector test apps will make it easy for you to decide if the person is speaking the truth or he is a liar. Some of these apps are being operated using fingerprints. This increases the usability as well as the authenticity of the result.

Below is the list of Top 10 best lie detector apps for Android/iOs:

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Top 6 Tested Lie Detector Apps:

Lie Detector Simulator

This Lie detector app is number 1 on this list because of its ease of use. The Lie Detector Simulator is available for both Android and iPhone. What you need to do is download this app in your smartphone and place a finger over this App. There is given a fingerprint scanner. The question will be asked while the finger is over that point. This app has three option “Truth.” “Lie” or “Maybe”. Once the person is going to answer any question, the lie detector simulator will give the result instantly. This app has the most accurate results. You can download this app for fun purpose to prank or fool your friends. Make your friends fool and have a good laugh after that.

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Lie Detector Face Test Prank

Lie Detector Face test Prank is on number 2 in the list. It’s free fun App that is available for both Android and iPhone. This Lie detector test app is faced test app that helps you in figuring out who is speaking the truth and who is a liar. You can also upload photos of your friends on face test app and make them fool. This app has excellent animations as the Truth, and the lie has two faces. As soon as a result comes up over the screen, the funny faces make you laugh as well. This app is best for having some fun times with your friends and family. The Android users can download this app from the link below:

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Lie Detector Test simulator

This app is currently quite famous among the people because of its all fun features. The lie detector test simulator is the best entertainment app. This is one of the apps that uses fingerprints to detect the truth or a lie. One of the unique features of this lie detecting app is that, when you put a finger over the finger point scanner and then about the answer, the answer will be given by the app its self. Your work is just limited till thinking. This app can be used only for entertainment purpose. In case you want to make a fool out of your friends. Let me tell you one important tip. While using the app Press volume up button, the answer will appear true only. And if you will press the volume down button the answer will come up as a lie. See how much fun it is going to be. This app is the best fun app for the students. Just take your smartphone to your school and have some fun activity in your class in free time.

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Lie Detector Prank

Number 4 in the list of Best Lie Detector apps 2018 is “Lie Detector Prank.” As the name suggests, it is a prank app that can be used for entertainment purpose only. This app can also be used to train kids that lying is a bad habit and always speak the truth no matter what the situation is. This app also has the fingerprint feature. Just place the finger over the scanner, and it will detect either the answer is true or false. As this is the prank app that’s why you can use some tricks as well to make your friends fool. This app has two light one green, and the other one is red. The green light indicates that the answer given is correct and the red light warns about the wrong answer. Android users have some fun and download this app now:

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Why you Lying:

Why you are lying is another popular lie detecting app. This is available to use for free for both Android and iOS users. The one feature that makes it unique from all other lie detecting apps is, this app is available in 20 different languages. Yes!! you read it right 20 languages. This Lie detecting app can be used for entertainment purpose as it is so much fun to use. It also has a fingerprint scanner, you put your finger over the scanner, and it will detect the answer as a truth or a lie. The lie detecting results are funniest and can give you a good laughter session. So what are you waiting for? Go download this easy-to-use app now and make fun of your friends and family member.

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Bio Digital Lie Detector

Bio Digital lie detector app is last in the list of best Lie Detectors app 2018. This is one of the best apps that is developed by iSOFT for iOS users only. This app can be downloaded easily using the Apple store and is free for use. Bio Digital Lie Detector test app has the feature of detecting one’s voice. You speak while answering any question. It will recognize the voice, and then the answer will be displayed in the graphical form. It is one of the unique apps that has the best entertaining results. You can use this app at any time anywhere to have some fun with friends and family. iPhone users if you are thinking to have some fun times and don’t wait for more, download bio digital Lie detector app now from the play store.

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In this hectic and busy routine, there should always be some room for entertainment. All the apps as mentioned earlier are best for entertainment purpose. Pick one lie Detector app from the list of “Top 6 Lie Detector Test Apps” and have some fun with people around.

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