Best Offline Racing Games for Android


In this post, we will list some of the best racing games you can play on your Android in offline mode. You will find the best offline Android racing games and download them from the play store.

Playing video games can be a great stress reliever. Video games have been a source of entertainment for people of all ages. If we talk about the kid, mostly they indulge themselves in simple ones, but they too, make sure that it is worth the while. Adults, on the other hand, take the professional approach. Most of the time, the games chosen by them are the ones which are played internationally. Getting themselves in an international tournament seems to be the significant interest of every gamer. For the ones who have been playing games for a while, there is nothing more enthusiastic and mood changing then playing a rushing game. Doctors and health professional do not seem to agree to this point, but even if video games are considered to be highly health hazardous, they are becoming more and more popular by each passing day.

As the use of cell phone became common, the inbuilt and purchasable use of apps also became viral. These games take small storage, but they can prove to be a perfect companion when you have nothing to do. Making a list of the best Android game can also be a challenge, but we have picked out the best ones for you.

Here is the list of best offline racing games for Android.



To have the most enthusiastic and thrashing experience, this game is recommended. Asphalt series is known to be producing one of the best games. These are amazingly realistic when it comes to graphics, due to which you can feel fully indulged the whole time. Another best part about this game is that it has endless levels. When you are loving and game and it reached its final part, it becomes the most irritating part. Sometimes it might feel like there is nothing else to do. The endless levels features will save you from this problem. You are provided with one of the best range of motorcycles and cars. One thing to keep in mind is that you can easily get addicted to it. Play it, set new records, you are going to love it for sure.


  • Asphalt Nitro


This game is one of its kind. It has been around for a while, but people still love to play it. One of the reasons for its fame is its amazing graphics. Beside from giving you a realistic environment to play in, it takes less memory. Usually, people download crap quality games, as they tend to be a good time pass and take less memory. To get these benefits, they have got to compromise on the graphics quality. Asphalt Nitro makes it to the list of games that take less memory. Another reason for its fame is the wide range of cars. You can name any famous model of car and it has got it. Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno, any luxurious car, you just name it. you can also select the environment according to your mood. It has got a wide range and you can make the selection.


  • GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp


If you ever talk to a racing car enthusiast, they are definitely going to know this name. It is not something that pops up, whenever you search for racing game, but this surely is admired by many. Again, it provides you with one of the best experiences you can have. The graphics are astonishing. One of the eye-catching features is that the game has over 1,400 events to navigate through including, duels, knockouts, and takeovers. It offers a wide range of cars, approximately 71 licensed cars are available, and their performance varies accordingly. The tracks to choose from are limited, but they too are enough for giving you a good experience.


  • Asphalt Xtreme


Sometimes you can get bored by playing the same old ordinary games, where you have got to select from a list of cars and tracks. For a good change, this game is recommended. The best thing that it offers is that the track is unpredictable. You can start off on the concrete road, and next thing you know is that you are driving around on a desert. This unpredictability makes it admirable by many. Another noticeable feature is that there are no hardcore rules. Sometimes, a person is not in a mood to compete, sometimes all you need to do is sit back and kill time by driving off. In such cases, this is the most recommended option for you. There are over 50 Monster Machines, 300 Career Events and 1,100 mastery challenges to navigate through.


  • Drag Racing – Offline Racing Game for Android


There is a wide range of people who are using it on daily biases, but the majorly it is loved by children. The reason is that it provides customization, you transform your car according to your taste. If you are a person, who loves to play around with colors and make your own thing, this is something that you are going to like.


  • Clash For Speed


You might have heard the name ‘Need for Speed’, lest introduce you with clash for speed. This outstanding game has been developed by Tweaking Technologies. In some charts, it has made to the top. Your choice for selecting the best racing game merely depends on your personality, but it does have a lot of impact on the decision. If you are one of those people who like action, this is something recommended for you as you are provided monster vehicles that are highly equipped, in this racing game, only one will be the master to rule them all. Clash For Speed is not just about competing and winning, but you can bring out your creative side too. You can create your 3d designs and tracks. And you can set the level of difficulty according to your requirements. It enables you to set obstacles and traps, where ever you want.


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