10 Best Quran App for Android 2018

It is always difficult to carry around Quran especially when one is traveling or to work. The best way to have access to Quran at all time is to download an app for it. It is not necessary that you download a Quran app if you are traveling or when it is Ramadan. Most of us aim to recite Quran on a daily basis, downloading the best Quran app for Android phone is the best way to achieve this goal as it makes it easier to access Quran from wherever you are without carrying one in your bag!

You can use any one of these apps on a daily basis to help you. Some of the best Quran apps for Android have been reviewed below to help you decide which one correctly to use. These apps have been developed to help people with particular needs such as for Hafiz e Qurans or for a beginner who wants to learn how to recite Quran. Most of them already offer a user-friendly interface, but you will have to see which one are you most comfortable with.

1. Quran For Android

Quran for Android - Best Quran App

This app is built by the creators at Quran.com. It provides all the essential features and options such as night mode, searches and jump options, easy reading interface, page navigation through volume buttons and even translation in 32 different languages! All these features make it popular among the users.

When you install Quran For Android, the app will request you to download some prerequisite files which will allow you to recite the Holy Quran offline without any internet connection.

Quran für Android
Quran für Android
Developer: quran.com
Price: Free

2. iQuran Lite

iQuran Lite - Best Quran App for Android

iQuran Lite has two versions; a free one and then a premium one. The free version has certain limitations; however, it allows you to read Quran in portrait and landscape mode, bookmark for easy access and even provides the translation of Quran in English. iQuran also helps you learn Quranic verses by listing specific verses and repeats its audio to help you memorize it. You can also control its audio function.

iQuran Lite
iQuran Lite

3. Al Quran

Al Quran - Quran for Android

Millions of people are using Al Quran all over the world. It includes translation of Quran in most of the languages. It allows you to bookmark verses to a list of “My Favorites” section. In this app allows you to customize the appearance and style of the text and the way you prefer to recite. It also allows you to read the text easily by changing the font size and zoom.  

Al-Quran (Free)
Al-Quran (Free)
Developer: ISYSWAY
Price: Free

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4. Read Quran Offline

Read Quran Offline - Android App

Read Quran Offline allows you read the entire Quran on your Android phone or tablet without downloading additional prerequisite files. The reason this app works without these files is that this app already includes these files and is over 35MB in size. This way you can access Quran anywhere, anytime without an internet connection.   

5. MP3 Quran

MP3 Quran - Android

This app provides the entire Quran in MP3 audio format which enables you to listen to verses and surah without the hassle of going online for looking them up. The app has more than hundred reputed reciters of the Holy Quran and lets you decide whichever reciter you prefer to listen to. The audio quality that MP3 Quran provides is high and lets you download surah within the app itself.

MP3 Quran
MP3 Quran
Developer: Ultimate Vision
Price: Free

6. Al Quran Al Kareem – Holy Quran

Holy Quran - For Android

This app, similar to reading Quran Offline, does not require you to download any extra files but has the whole Quran within the app itself. All you have to do is download the app, and you will be able to read the entire Quran within a single installation. It also provides a sophisticated user interface and readability for a good experience.  

7. Al Quran MP3 – Quran Reading

Al Quran MP3

Al Quran MP3 – Quran Reading app is the best suitable app if you want to memorize the Quran. This app is for people who are looking for an audio version of Quran where the app recites, and they have to listen to it. It provides a full translation, transliteration and audio recitation of the entire Quran. This is a complete app which can help you enhance the knowledge about Islam and the religion without worrying about consulting anyone.

appbox googleplay com.QuranReading.qurannow]

8. Quran With Urdu Translation

Quran with Urdu Translation

The name of this app is self-explanatory. Quran with Urdu Translation provides you to access translation in Urdu with utmost ease. It is developed especially for people who prefer to read or listen to Urdu or are more comfortable with the Urdu translation of the Holy Quran. As indicated earlier, you cannot just read the Urdu translation but also listen to the Urdu version of translation audio. In addition to this, you can also switch to various languages such as Dutch, Chinese, Persian and French, etc. Since it does not limit itself to only one language, Urdu. This feature makes it a complete app which one can opt for.

Quran with Urdu Translation
Quran with Urdu Translation

9. Holy Quran (16 Lines Per Page)

Holy Quran 16 Lines Per Page

This app is developed to cater to Hafiz e Quran, people who have already memorized the Holy Quran. It maintains a page formatting that makes sure that each page displays only 16 lines. This helps the people who have already memorized Quran.

10. Learn Quran

Learn Quran Tajwid

This app teaches you how to recite the Quran, in addition to all the fundamentals that are important for recitation. This is best for people who have not yet found a reliable and suitable instructor to teach them how to recite the Quran. And even if you do have a teacher who is teaching you how to recite, Learn Quran makes it easier and improves the likelihood of learning faster and efficiently.

We have compiled the best apps available for Quran for you with a description of each one of them. However, if you still face any problem in deciding the best app that would suit you can contact us, and we will try to help you in the best way possible. Moreover, if you come across any app that you think should be added to our list of Best Quran Apps Available of Google PlayStore, then do let us know and we will try to incorporate that too, obviously after reviewing it once by ourselves.


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