How to Search by Image from iPhone and Android


These days, it is impossible to imagine a life without smartphones. Whether you want to order food online or buy something, you would grab your smartphone to do so. To order something, most people seek images of what they want to buy. If you want to buy a pair of sunglasses, you can easily locate more images of the same product before you spend your money. Once you use the image for reverse search, you can get pictures of products related to the pair of sunglasses. By viewing these pictures, you would be able to take a better decision about whether you want to buy the product or not.

Purpose of reverse image search

Reverse image search has various purposes that prove to be advantageous for people. First of all, you can locate similar pictures which help you in knowing more about a particular product. Consider that you want to purchase a car and before you spend the finances, you want to get some details about the engine room. How can you get pictures of accessories related to the car? If you use text search options, it would take a lifetime to get what you are looking for. Hence, using text searches is obviously not the way to go. Other than that, you do not need to adopt this lengthy method when the same task can be achieved in an easier manner through a reverse image search.

  • With a reverse image search, you can view all the occurrences of an image and the process is very simple. For instance, consider that you have uploaded an image on your website and you wish to check whether someone else has used it or not. Use a reverse image search tool and add a specific image. There are two ways through which the image can be added. The first way is that you can add the URL of the image. The other option is browsing for the image. You can use the browse button and select the image from your storage.
  • Once the image has been selected, click the “search” button and all online submissions of the image would be displayed on your screen. If you see that an image which you have created from the start is present on another blog, website or portal, it simply means that someone has used your image without consent. These activities can damage the image of the brand. If any of the unique company images have been reused, the traffic on your website would obviously decline. You can know about such images’ uses by accessing a quality reverse image search tool.

Using the reverse image search feature on smartphones

It is hard to imagine a life without smartphones these days. With so many technological advancements, we have become heavily dependent on smartphones.  If you are using a smartphone with an Android platform, the following stages have to be completed to perform the reverse image search.

  • For Android users, it is important that you are using the Chrome browser to perform a reverse image search. The first step is that you should open the link for Google images. In the provided text box, write the name of the image to be searched. Once you click the search button, all images falling in that category would be shown on your screen. Click the image which you prefer and open it in full resolution.
  • Once the image is opened, hold it for a few seconds until you see the option “search for Google” on your screen. When you select this option, you would see all domains on which the image is present. This would tell you whether the image has been uploaded on multiple websites or not. Along with that, you would see all images related to what you searched. Related images prove to be fruitful when you are aiming to get more information about a particular product. For instance, if you search for a particular sweatshirt brand, the related images would include other products produced by the brand.

The reverse image search process for iPhone users

A high percentage of smartphone users globally are iPhone users. If you want to use reverse image search features on your iPhone, the following steps have to be completed.

  • It is preferable to use the Safari browser if you are an iPhone user. On this browser, open the link of Google images. In the search box, type the name of the image which has to be searched. Once the results are displayed, you can move on to the next step.
  • From the search results, click the image which you require and open it in full view. When the image is opened, scroll down until you see the option “request for the desktop site”. When you select this option, you would be able to see all image appearances.
  • Reverse image search also provides users with a list of similar images. If you are searching for smartphone images, you would be able to see pictures of related things including chargers, headphones and other accessories. In an overall manner, reverse image search is much easier than a text-based search.


Reverse image search is one of the finest options to view the visual appearances of a particular product. If you are a business owner and you wish to see whether images of your product have been misused or not, this goal can be achieved by using the reverse image search. Other than that, you can also see whether your personal or professional photos are being misused on social media or not. This is a common problem which most internet users come across. When their pictures are uploaded on social media, the risk of pictures getting misused is present as well. With a quality reverse image search tool, you can easily determine whether your personal or professional photos have been misused or not.

Professional brands also use reverse image search options to see whether their company images have been used by other brands or not. This is a common technique used by brands to create a negative image for their competitors. This obviously results in bringing down the sales volumes. With a reverse image search tool, you can get an assurance about whether any of your company images have been reused or not.


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