Why Do EHS Software Exist?


The use of information software to efficiently fasten and streamline every business process has grown popular over the years. We’ve seen small-scale enterprises invest in inventory management and point of sale software among others to save them a big chunk of workloads. Meanwhile, medium to large-scale businesses are often inclined to use more sophisticated software on top of the basics to get a better control and management solution for other areas.

One of the commonly used software especially in plants and other large companies to adhere to EHS standards is EHS software.

The History of EHS

Back in 1985, two catastrophic incidents went down in two different companies under the chemical industry. To prevent the reoccurrence of such damaging events, the concept of EHS or Environmental Health and Safety was founded.

EHS involved essential aspects that were come up to promote, and hopefully guarantee, product and plant safety, occupational health, and environmental protection at all times.  During the time of its emergence, a worldwide voluntary movement called the “Responsible Care” coordinated by the International Council of Chemical Associations was established in around 50 countries. Since then, the concept of EHS management evolved and became even more popular that it even led as a basis for ISO 14001 international standards for environmental management and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety management.

Over two decades after, EHS is now defined as a specialty or discipline which studies, examines, and put into effect practical aspects of environmental safety and protection at any workplace. To simply put, EHS standards are the bible of every organization to make sure that any work-related activities cause no harm not just to the workers but to the people they share the environment with. These standards include policies and procedures that define and identify a workplace’s potential hazards and are designed accordingly to reduce accidents and exposure to risks and harmful substances that can pose threat to both human and environmental health. Also included in the study are accident prevention trainings, emergency preparedness, accident response, and using protective clothing and equipment.

The Role of EHS Software

Conforming to EHS policy and standards which are usually part of every state’s environmental law is a complex responsibility that involves a series of processes. EHS management includes storage of EHS-related data and acting on the policies and formulating policy and procedure enhancements from there. Doing this manually, e.g. maintaining piles of logbooks and documents, can be a tedious, time-consuming yet error-prone process. To simply put, a manual EHS management in this digital age is an inefficient approach and its inaccuracy can in the long run jeopardize a company’s regulatory compliance score.

EHS software provides an automation of all EHS management-related processes to make sure the company can keep up with today’s fast-paced world. It features fast and easy management of everything pertaining to Environmental Health and Safety about a company. The sophistication of the concept and backend design of an EHS software makes it a costly investment but the great reasons EHS software exists for are unprecedented.

The Perks of Having an EHS Software

Easy and More Accurate Monitoring and Maintenance of Data

Easy and fast data and retrieval are a common perks when using any automated software. Hence, in using an EHS software, you can be sure that your human resource and safety team will no longer spend as much time with pens and papers. Maintaining every employee’s EHS related data will be made convenient and more accurate sans all the error-prone manual recordings. Moreover, as EHS data are critical to achieve and maintain compliance to stately EHS standards, EHS software also ensures and upholds the integrity of data inputted and stored in their centralized database. Alteration and all other minor yet risky tasks that used to be easily accessible and doable are now eradicated.

Improved Sustainability

An EHS software is smart enough to suggest and present alternatives that promote sustainable solutions for every company that is committed to go green. It is thoroughly designed to detect any risks that come from the company processes and can give assessments and suggests solutions to eradicate EHS threats, thus achieving a more reliable and compliant business operation.

EHS Compliance

EHS regulatory standards are changing over time and keeping track and incorporating these changes to a company’s current EHS policy can be a huge hassle, not to mention time-consuming and difficult, on the part of the accountable safety or HR team. One of the greatest perks in using a licensed EHS software is that the provider can give you an access to their updates which contain the essential changes of the state’s law. Without any sweat on your part, the program will automatically update its algorithms based on the changes, suggest measures to better your company’s performance in terms of EHS compliance, and can instantly flag foul operations depending on the software’s advancement. Also, you will instantly be given a friendly, accurate guide in implementing EHS rules within your organization.

Enhanced Customer Relations

Nothing retains loyal customers more than showing them that your company is not only after the profits and earnings but is also doing its share in protecting the environment, its employees, customers, as well as the people outside of their circles. An EHS software helps facilitate an efficient, more effective and visible set of EHS measures, thus customers will most likely feel the benefit from a safer environment where they will be met by the company frontlines. Although a manual EHS management can do the job, the use of an EHS software can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving this goal a lot sooner. It’s the best support for all EHS related undertakings.

Increased Employee Morale

A better implementation of EHS standards helps easily spot activities that can threaten an employee’s health and safety while in the workplace. With this, hazards will be timely addressed, resolved, or eradicated, and employees will in no time feel that the company truly upholds their wellbeing apart from the compensation they are giving them. Consequently, employees will also feel morally satisfied knowing that the company they are working for is also pro-environment.  

With these benefits and more, it’s no wonder why a lot of companies are now fiercely and confidently investing in an EHS software as part of their process automation venture. But as the market nowadays is flooded with a variety of EHS software options from various providers, in choosing, it is best to consider what your company truly needs and make sure the EHS software you’ll be purchasing has the essential features that can cater these.


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